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The PRO:MAN family of integrated software is a cost-effective and flexible solution for today’s manufacturers. PRO:MAN delivers the information you need to balance customer service, production capacity, inventory investment and administrative costs.

PRO:MAN is reasonably priced, remarkably easy to install, and requires minimal support, it’s a great software value.


What is PRO:MAN?

PRO:MAN is an MRP solution for small to medium-sized manufacturers. PRO:MAN provides full accounting, inventory control and visibility into your production and capacity planning requirements including just-in-time shipments without overstocking.


Our goal is to provide you with software that lasts. Ongoing improvements and innovation ensure that PRO:MAN will not only provide you with a great initial value but, as more than 95% of our customers will attest, will be the last manufacturing software package you will ever need.

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  • Improved Customer Service Levels

    Gain instant visibility into product availability, customer order status and credit information.

  • Reduced Inventory

    Balance inventory levels against customer demand and deliver “Just in Time” shipments without overstocking.

  • Increased Productivity

    By gaining full visibility into your production and capacity planning requirements, you can identify bottlenecks and forward or backward schedule work centers.

  • Minimal MIS Staff Required

    Many PRO:MAN installations are run without a dedicated computer support staff.  Our support programs ensure that consultants are available to assist you with initial training and set up, and after installation, with classes, onsite consulting and toll free support.